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Logic Pro and Logic Express

Logic Pro is a MIDI sequencer and Digital Audio Workstation software application that runs on the OS X platform. Originally created by German software developer C-Lab, then Emagic, Logic Pro became an Apple product when Apple bought out Emagic in 2002. A cut-down version, Logic Express, is also available from Apple. GarageBand also uses Logic's audio engine.

Logic Express is a cut-down version of Logic Pro, a MIDI sequencer and digital audioworkstation software application maintained by Apple that runs on the OS X platform.

Logic Pro and Express share much functionality and a similar interface. Logic Express is limited to two-channel stereo mixdown, while Logic Pro can handle multichannel surround sound. Both can handle up to 255 audio tracks, depending on system performance (CPU, hard disk throughput and seek time). Logic Express offers 12 input channels (unlimited in Logic Pro) and supports sample rates up to 96 kHz (192 kHz in Logic Pro). Logic Express comes with 27 software instruments and 40 effect plug-ins.

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