The U on iTunes U - Terms

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Digital Video (DV) is a digital video format launched in 1994, and has since become the standard for home and semiDRM is an umbrella term referring to technologies used by publishers or copyright owners to control access to or usage of digital data or hardware, and to restrictions associated with a specific instance of a digital work or device. The term is often confused with copy protection and technical protection measures, which refer to technologies that control or restrict the use and access of digital content on electronic devices with such technologies installed, acting as components of a DRM design.

The iTunes Store, run by Apple Inc., allows users to purchase a track online for under a dollar. The tracks purchased use Apple's FairPlay DRM system. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has stated that Apple would be willing to sell music on iTunes without DRM. As a result of this, EMI has agreed to sell its music DRM-free and at a higher quality on iTunes for a 30 cent premium, beginning in May 2007.

Users of iTunes U might run into a problem if they want to use material that has a DRM. The user must use material that is free from DRM on the iTunes U site.

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