The U on iTunes U - Terms


Authorization is finding out if the person, once identified, is permitted to have the resource. This is usually determined by finding out if that person is a part of a particular group, if that person has paid admission, or has a particular level of security clearance. Authorization is equivalent to checking the guest list at an exclusive party, or checking for your ticket when you go to the opera.

In regards to iTunes U, the institution is responsibe to provide web-based infrastructure to authentication & authorization end-users or content providers.

iTunes U Basic Auth Example

The University of Utah on iTunes U implementation will have both publically accessible content and content restricted to university students, staff, faculity and affilates. To access content you will need proper authorization for the content. For example, if you are a instructor for a class you will have authorization to upload & edit content, if you are are student in the class you will have authorization to download content.

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