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Final Cut Express (back to top)
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You’re ready to test your moviemaking mettle with more advanced video editing projects, and Final Cut Express HD can take you there. Start by capturing DV or HDV footage from your camcorder and discover the advanced moviemaking power you have at your disposal. Ready for still more? Add dynamic titles and graphics using LiveType. Then score your movie using Soundtrack. Final Cut Express HD delivers the tools you need to make great-looking and great-sounding movies.

Flexible Editing
Insert, overwrite, replace or fit to fill clips into your sequence by dragging them directly into the Canvas or Timeline. Use precision tools and techniques like slip, slide, ripple, roll, split and extend. The flexible interface lets you move seamlessly between editing, compositing and effects functions.

Realtime Effects & Transitions
With Final Cut Express HD, you can enhance your video projects using any of the hundreds of available transitions, filters and effects. In most cases, you won’t even have to wait to see what they’ll look like. Thanks to Dynamic RT, Final Cut Express HD lets you preview effects and transitions in real time without rendering. That alone will save you loads of precious time.

Audio and Voiceover
Final Cut Express HD lets you mix up to 99 audio tracks using pans, levels and the three-band equalizer. Further enhance your audio with transitions and filters such as cross fades, reverb, EQ, echo, noise gate and more. For documentary-style projects, use the VoiceOver tool to record narration into an audio track while your video plays.

Final Cut Express is an easier program than Final Cut Pro that will allow you to make professional looking videos for your video content on iTunes U.

Final Cut Pro (back to top)
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The first choice of professional editors, Final Cut Pro delivers high-performance digital nonlinear editing, native support for virtually any video format, and facility-class extensibility and interoperability. Whether you’re working solo or collaborating with a team, Final Cut Pro gives you more creative options and technical control than ever before.

Edit Anything
With native support for virtually any format, Final Cut Pro lets you edit everything from DV, IMX and uncompressed SD to HDV, XDCAM HD, DVCPRO HD, and uncompressed HD. Unlike other solutions, Final Cut Pro acquires HDV media and keeps it in the original format, with no generation loss. Output via FireWire back to an HDV camera or deck, or transfer your native HDV to DVD Studio Pro. Tapeless workflow support with Panasonic P2 compatibility allows high-speed ingest and editing. You can view and browse P2 devices, then transfer the files you need directly into the Final Cut Pro Browser.

Wait for Nothing
Final Cut Pro is built for speed with RT Extreme, the amazing real-time multistream effects architecture. Dynamic RT adjusts image quality and frame rate on the fly for optimal playback. Choose your format: Final Cut Pro supports real-time effects processing on everything from DV to fully uncompressed HD. Powerful multicam editing tools let you view and cut video from multiple sources—whether DV, SD, or HD—in real time. Group up to 128 sources together into multi-clips, then add or subtract cameras at any time for maximum flexibility.

Work Together

Capture once, save time, and share media with multiple editors using a consolidated storage pool powered by Xsan. Improved media management tools provide support for reconnecting and managing files across large Xsan environments. Deep cross-application integration between Final Cut Pro and the entire Apple family of professional applications allows you to seamlessly move from one creative task to the next. Or build a complete solution around Final Cut Pro using its open, standards-based XML interchange format.

Unlike other solutions, Final Cut Pro acquires HDV media via FireWire and keeps it in the original format, transferring it into the system without any generation loss. Output via FireWire back to an HDV camera or deck, or transfer your native HDV to DVD Studio Pro 4 for an end-to-end native HDV workflow.

Final Cut Pro is an extremely advanced video editing program that can make professional looking videos for your videocasts or any video content that you want to put on the iTunes U site.


iMovie (back to top)
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iMovie HD lets you import and edit video from the newest camcorders — not just HDV cameras but the tiny and affordable flash media video cams, as well — and in the latest formats, including HDV, MPEG-4 and 16:9 widescreen SDV. Dramatically increased performance lets iMovie HD move quickly through even the most complex projects, and new and improved tools let you edit quickly and easily. Take, for example, the Timeline. Now you can use it for all your editing, including rearranging clips. You’ll also like the new Skywalker Sound audio effects and even more effects and transitions. And you’re really going to enjoy creating movies automatically with the new Magic iMovie feature.

iMovie is the easiest program to use to make a video presentation for your podcasts or to export to your iPod. This is a great application to use for iTunes U.


ProfCast (back to top)
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ProfCast is a versatile, powerful, yet very simple to use tool for recording presentations including PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides for creating enhanced podcasts. ProfCast offers an integrated workflow that makes creating, recording, and publishing podcasts easy. It's as simple as Launch, Load, and Lecture!