The U on iTunes U - FAQs

Q. How do I subscribe and view/listen to subscriptions on iTunes U?


To subscribe to a podcast in iTunes U, open up the podcast page you want to subscribe to. If the podcast has multiple tabs for media content, click on the tab you want to subscribe to.

For example, I selected the "Audio" tab. Next, click the "SUBSCRIBE" button at the top of the podcast page.

Subscribe button

Next, you want to go to "Podcasts" under "Library" in iTunes to display your podcast subscriptions.

You have multiple options for downloading podcast episodes. You can You can choose "Get All" to get all available podcasts or choose individual podcasts in the series using the "Get" buttons.choose "GET ALL" to get all available podcast episodes or choose individual podcast episodes in the podcast using the "GET" buttons.

Also, you can modify your podcast options, by clicking on the "Settings..." button at the bottom of the podcast window.

Subscription options

You can check for new podcast episodes, every hour, day, week or manually.

Subscription options

When new podcast episodes are available, you can download the most recent on, download all of them, or do nothing.

Subscription options

You can also define what podcast episodes to keep: all, all unplayed, most recent, or last 2-5 or 10 episodes.

Subscription options

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